I have always had a strong desire to serve others. I started out my career as a speech pathologist. However, after working 70+ hours a week, I found myself burned out and lacking a strong vision for my purpose on this earth. I reluctantly went to my first essential oil class. When I opened that bottle of essential oil, I literally changed my life in ways I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend.


I was “healthy.” At the time, I was running marathons and working out all the time. If I wasn’t working, I was doing some sort of a fitness activity. What I later discovered was there was so much more to health than the “pounding the pavement” mentality I had been living. My hormones, skin, and digestive system were a wreck and I made zero time to give back to myself.


When I sat at that class, for the first time, I realized I had control over my health. I was no longer a part of a “life sentence” given to me by my genetics. I had the opportunity to take control of my health concerns. I started using essential oils and quickly my skin issues resolved, my digestive system normalized, my hormones were under control.. I was shocked.


Once I connected with doTERRA as a business, I found that I was loving and thriving from a business perspective too. In this business, I get to connect with some of the most amazing women, focus on empowerment, service, and connection. This deepened my desire to make a larger impact and kick-started my focus in becoming a certified Life Coach. To make an impact on a greater scale.   


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