A Life of Value

Create a Life in Alignment

Too often, we get caught up in the "supposed to" mentality and we lose sight of the "want to" living. "I am supposed to hate my job," "I am supposed to diet," etc. What if something else could be true instead?

Identifying our Values

What if we paused for a moment, and identified what our top values are? I challenge you to ask yourself, "What is important to me?" When we list it out, common answers are usually, family, friends, healthy living, exercise, etc. When I first did this exercise, I found it extremely challenging to sit down and own the things that were really important to me. What are your top values?

What Now?

You have identified your values, awesome! You might be wondering, okay, where is she going with this? The next piece is to evaluate, if the life you are living is in alignment with these values? Is family top on the list? When Saturday comes around, are you spending time with your family, or are you spending the day running around doing a million errands, cleaning the house, and other tasks that don't bring you joy? If this is the case, I now challenge you to identify ways you can change this. Rather than doing something because it is the way we have always done it, is there a way we can shake it up? Is there someone you know that will come over and clean for you, so you can have the freedom to make memories with your children?

Maybe your top value is strong finances. How are you focusing your time to live in alignment with that? Are you focusing on finances or do you fill your time with other things and don't stay focused on the money flow of your living.

Once we identify our top values and ask ourselves the challenging question, am I living my life in alignment with my values, we can identify where we can shift our focus. Offering delegation to tasks that don't "light us up."

Granted, there are certain things that we do that aren't in the top of the list.... showering for example. I do encourage you, as a public service, to bathe yourself even if it doesn't show up, but there are other things that we do, just because we "should." Ask yourself why this has made it's space in your calendar even though it isn't in alignment with your top values. Can you take it off the list to make room for something else?

Strategies to Support Your Journey

I would encourage you to write down your top values. What are the things that bring you joy? Next, write down the tasks that you find fill up your day the most. What fills up all of your time? Once you have create this, take a look and see if there is synergy between the two lists. If not, take a look at things that you can take off of your "daily do" list so that you can live a life in alignment.

Shifting out of habits that we have always done, in order to make room for the new can be extremely challenging. We often find ourselves falling back into the old routine. An oil that we can integrate into our daily routine to support us in this journey is Rosemary. Rosemary supports the body in getting into alignment, expanding the mind, and supporting an individual in receiving new information. Rosemary is an awesome oil to use during periods of transition.

Here's to you, going out there and living an up-leveled life, with an optimized heart, body, and mind. Listen to this week's podcast



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