Up-level Your 2019

The Common Approach

We hear it time and time again. As the new year approaches, there are goals and intentions of becoming a "new me." We create goals and tell ourselves, in the new year I will be "better."

Before we have even started, we have failed. We create the concept of a "new me," with a negative, fixed mindset. We believe in our mind, sub-consciously, that we are currently "not enough." Our goals almost always hold an "-er" ending. "I want to be skinnier, nicer, smarter, better..." When we take a step back, and look at this mentality, we find that we are currently holding a belief that we aren't perfect just as we are. Maybe, if I lose 10 lbs, I will become a better mother, a better wife, a better daughter. What if something else could be true? What if instead, we chose to create a belief that with the new year, we will create an intention to be in alignment with our values? We step into the next version of our up-leveled living full of joy and love, and create a life with ease and flow.

7 Layers of Intention

How can we create a new year full of growth and abundance while simultaneously creating goals in alignment with our values? The concept comes from identifying our deep routed goals. Let's take the example of losing 10lbs. Why is it that you want to lose the weight? We often hear, superficial responses, "I want to fit into my old jeans," or "I want my old body back." These responses don't hold a deep-routed intention. Therefore, when the going gets tough, we easily lose sight of our goals.

Instead, what if we asked ourselves why this goal is so important? "Why do I want to lose 10lbs?" "I want to have my old body back," then we ask ourselves, "Why is that important?" and the response, "I want to have more energy." We then ask ourselves, "Why is that important?" and again, we respond: "I want to be able to play with my kids." Again, we ask ourselves, "Why is that important?" and the response, "I want them to hold memories with their mother/father." We continue to do this until we find a deep-routed answer. When we find something that strikes a nerve and brings tears to our eyes, we know that we have found the deep-routed intention. Now, the intention for the year is really, "This year, I will create memories with my child." In order to fully step into that, we lose the weight. This happens because we are creating a positive mindset around the goal, rather than a goal built out of negativity and punishment.

Integrating Essential Oils

Creating a life out of self-love and self-acceptance, with deep routed, positive goals, allows us to pass through life with an optimized mindset. The challenging piece is that we have created our routine mindset for our entire life. We have repeatedly told ourselves the same story. "I am fat, I am a terrible mother, I am a terrible wife," etc.

Now, we have to align our goals with our mindset; retrain the brain. I love creating intentions with the use of essential oils. This offers support in creating a new neural pathway, in order to transition our mindset. Whenever our body smells something, the smell sends a message to our brain and our brain then sends a message to the rest of the body. We smell a skunk, boom, our body is on high alert; our favorite home cooked meal? boom, comfort. This signal is constantly being sent. The cool piece is, we can intentionally choose a smell in order to receive the outcome we desire.

For this week, creating a life of positive-minded goals, grapefruit is our oil. Grapefruit allows the brain to trigger a pathway of self-acceptance. Honoring the body just as it is, rather than what we "need it" to become. Grapefruit is an oil you can add into your water, in the diffuser, or apply topically. In order to receive the optimal benefits, we want to choose high quality essential oils. Click Here to Learn More

Other Strategies

Adding essential oils into our daily routines are great ways to increase our emotional wellness and optimize our heart and mind. Other ideas include, creating positive affirmations to start our day, journaling through emotions to allow them to process fully, some sort of movement activity to start the day, listening to music to change our energetic frequency, prayer, and/or meditation to set the intention for the day. The beautiful thing is, we can create a routine that is in alignment with our goals and values.


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