Why doTERRA?

Why dōTERRA? To simplify it all for you, plant based wellness is the only way to improve and preserve our health in a sustainable way. Not only is dōTERRA creating the highest quality essential oils on the planet, they bring science and education to the forefront as a means of healthcare. Here are the main reasons we chose to align with this remarkable company:

PURITY: dōTERRA goes above and beyond to ensure each and every essential oil and product they make is the highest quality possible. They utilize the correct species of plant, parts of plant, geographic region, climate, altitude, harvest method, harvest season, and distillation process to ensure you only get the best. Their dedication is amazing!

CO-IMPACT SOURCING: dōTERRA uses a global network of artisans to provide the raw materials used for essential oil production. That means our essential oils have literally traveled all over the world, from the very hands of the native people who have grown that specific plant best. This ensures the plants are not only properly cared for, but also grown in an environment that maximizes the essential oils’ potential. Not to mention the ripple effect that occurs when the economy is boosted. This provides jobs, hospitals, schools, and so much more for these communities; how cool is that!?

THIRD PARTY TESTING: dōTERRA utilizes 13 different methods of testing in order to provide Certified Therapeutic Pure Grade oils. Each one of these tests is run 7-8 times through a 3rd party laboratory before essential oils are bottled!  

SCIENTIFIC INVESTMENTS: As a billion dollar company, they have the ability to re-invest the money back into the science and education of essential oils. As a result of their dedication to purity and research, dōTERRA is the ONLY essential oil company that maintains over 100 relationships with medical professionals, researchers, hospitals, and other science professionals. dōTERRA is the newest age of healthcare, backed and supported by science.

INTEGRITY: The owners of doTERRA build a business on trust and integrity. I trust in their vision, their message, and the oils that they provide me, to use on my two little girls. 

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